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About us
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          Suzhou GnereralTest electronic Corp., stock code "836284", is a new and high technology enterprises,we have first-class automation technology and high-end equipment to become the market leader. 

The company is committed to engage in automation equipment, test system development, a high precision automatic fixture,provide one-stop trade products and services.Through the provision of embedded soft-hardware development,system integration,a single or line automation equipment and related accessories, especially to provide the different  testing solution for the special need industrial products, which made us to be recognized by customer.

Our product research and development service are comprehensive ,efficient and security. and we also to try our best in quality control, product performance test, production test,automation solutions,project implementation and optimization.now our products have been used in more field like automobiles, computers, communications, new energy, electric power, military industry, medical, consumer goods and so on.