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Congratulations to the WisdomTes successfully ended late 2013 teeth

Time:2014-01-21 15:14:07

     All staff of Suzhou WisdomTest gathered in the 2013 year-end party in Lujia ”MeiGaoMei” hotel in the evening of January 17, 2014 to celebrate.

     Each department rehearse their performance carefully, and staff talent got fully display, the dances, songs, and comedy, etc left deep impression on staff, applause and cheers appeared constantly at the scene, the atmosphere of the party reached to a higher tide, which vividly shows the elegant demeanor of WISDOMTEST staff, fully embodying the passionate and go- aheadism spiritual outlook of company employees.

     Say goodbye to the struggling 2013, embrace innovative 2014, WISDOMTEST people will make persistent efforts in 2014