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WISDOMTEST assists the second session of China 4G forum

Time:2013-09-02 09:58:30

The second session of China 4G forum will be held during 27th, Aug to 28th, Aug, 2013, which is organized by KUNSHAN MEIBO communications technology Co., Ltd, and assisted by WISDOMTEST. The summit forum will further promote China's 4G and the development of LTE \ LTE - Advanced industrial chain with the development and breakthrough of China's wireless communications industry at the core.

The forum strives to provide a freely communication platform for the industry authority of next generation mobile communication technology, technical experts, government officials and financiers

The opening ceremony dinner

China Telecom chief engineer of Beijing Research Institute of Bi Qi China Telecom Blue Aurora programme commercial products and economic and engineering analysis

The national "one thousand people plan" expert Professor Lin Fujiang: "research and design of power amplifier modeling of a new generation of power devices"

Agilent manager Zhao Xinxiang: "change in technology of next generation wireless communication and testing challenges"

CETC seven senior engineer Zhang Jing "application" of LTE system in the network in the paperp>

Industrial technology development path to general manager China Sun Xianfu

Us Bo communication president, countries "one thousand people plan" expert Xue Hongxi: "and the implementation of green LTE base station requirements"

Wisdomtest's manager Sam: opportunities and challenges "4G test"

Shanghai Baer laboratory experts, "one thousand people plan" expert Zhao Shengjie "TD-LTE-Advanced system test equipment development"