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KEYSIGHT announced HDMI 2.0 conformity test verification solution

Time:2014-05-16 15:56:44

21st,Apirl,2014,Beijing——KEYSIGHT Technologies NYSEAannounces at present, KEYSIGHT HDMI 2.0 has obtained HDMI forum certificate, becoming its official conformity test tool, the HDMI physical layer conformity test solution covers most comprehensive test projects in this industry. In fact, this test project is developed under the collaboration of Panasonic, which will be used in Panasonic HDMI ATC at Osaka of Japan. As one of the members of HDMI forum, this identity gives KEYSIGHT the opportunity to cooperate with Panasonic to develop test standards and regulations.

18Gbps transmission bandwidth is one of the most important improvements of HDMI 2.0 regulations, which supports 4K resolution ratio 4:4:4 full-color image transmission at present. However, the interoperability problems caused by the signal quality distortion brings a great technical challenge for users because of doubled transmission rate , and the necessary for the new standard to support HDMI cable.

In order to solve this technical problem, KEYSIGHT and Panasonic have obtained a series of basic measurement data with combined simulation and measurement technology, including cable wastage, reflection, migration and impedance mismatching, etc. The measurement equipments they use to develop test standard include KEYSIGHT E5071C network analyzer with TDR option, Infiniium 90000 series oscilloscope with simulation option, error code analysis meter ParBERT 81250A, and  arbitrary waveform generator M8190A with low jitter and high quality signal output. Under the cooperation of two companies, KEYSIGHT HAMI test solution becomes the conformity test tool of HDMI forum certification. Aiming at HDMI physical layer conformity test, this solution provides the most far-ranging test projects coverage in the industry, including HF2-6 and receiver video sequence test (used for 2160p, 24 bit).

Panasonic AVC network and ATC manager Hiroyuki Iitsuka expressed: “Ensuring reliable interoperability is the largest technical challenge that high-speed HDMI 2.0 faces with. HDMI 2.0 has up to 18Gbps transmission rate, which is doubled compared with traditional HDMI, but the new standard must support current HDMI cable. We have finished the verification of above standards with KEYSIGHT together, and are very glad to become the first authentication test centre to provide 18Gbps physical layer conformity test throughout the world.”

KEYSIGHT vice-president & general manager of digital light test business unit Juergen Beck said: “As one of the most active members of HDMI forum, KEYSIGHT is very honored to join hands with Panasonic to develop HDMI 2.0 test solutions. The new solution will not only help R&D customers accelerate the development speed of HDMI 2.0 products, but provide sample plate for other authorized testing center upgrade or conformity test equipment purchase.”

KEYSIGHT HDMI 2.0 test solutions contain all tests of physical layer conformity, including test of transmitting terminal and receiving terminal.  The auto-testing function of KEYSIGHT HDMI conformity test software N5990A will let you finish conformity test quickly and easily. For more information, please visit http://www.keysight.com/en/. For pictures of KEYSIGHT HDMI conformity test solutions, please visit http://www.keysight.com/en/.

KEYSIGHT digital test standard expert group

 KEYSIGHT digital test standard experts attend various international standard organizations actively, including SD union, JEDECPCI-SIG®VESASATA international organizationSAST10)、USB-IFMIPI unionEthernet standardIEEE 802.3)、OIFlight internet forumand so on. KEYSIGHT actively participates in relative activities of standard organization, ensuring to launch proper solutions timely to meet customer demand.