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KEYSIGHT releases new generation 6½ digital multimeter

Time:2013-06-26 11:11:22

        19th,June,2013, BeijingKEYSIGHT technologies (NYSE:A) currently releases Truevolt series  digital multimeter. Compared with traditional products, new Truevolt series has prominent advantage. It helps engineer observation measurement results at multilevel, obtain effective information rapidly, and archive measurement result easily. The particular Truevolt technology of KEYSIGHT can reduce irrelative external factor distraction effectively, including noise, injection current and input bias current, letting engineer confident with the test result.

KEYSIGHT 34461A digital multimeter will replace the current industry standard KEYSIGHT 34401A directly. Its 100% compatibility helps 34401A users realize product transition easily. KEYSIGHT 34460A is the entry level 6½ digital multimeter.

Compared with 34401A, the brand new 34461A digital multimeter will expand the electric current measurement span to 100 µA ~10 A. Both of 34460A and 34461A have temperature measurement function(RTD/PT100thermistor), and expand the test function of diode to higher 5V gamut pressure, therefore supporting engineer to test more kinds of diode including LED.