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KEYSIGHT promote dissolution rate analysis software by HPLC

Time:2013-05-10 15:28:09

25th,Apirl,2013, California Santa Clara——KEYSIGHT technologiesNew York stock exchangeApromotes liquid chromatography (HPLC) dissolution software today, which is an expansion module combined with ChemStation software of KEYSIGHT OpenLAB chromatographic data system. This software module can simplify the quantitative analysis and reporting process when high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyzes sample dissolution, increasing users’ investment return in dissolution rate, liquid chromatogram and information science.

Dissolution sample will transferred to chromatographic instrument immediately for analysis after collection. liquid chromatogram  dissolution rate software module can set chromatogram system parameter, integrated dissolution method, sample analysis operation automatically and generate report finally. Besides, it can also observe stripping curve of all efficient components during analysis process.

KEYSIGHT dissolution rate system director Allan Little said: “With the perfect combination of dissolution rate test and liquid chromatogram analysis by liquid chromatogram dissolution rate software, customers in pharmaceutical industry can simplify current work process to the high limit. This software doesn’t need to export analysis data to excel, ensuring the integrity and safety of data, thus guaranteeing to follow 21 CFR Part 11 regulations consistently.

The product also has other important functions:

l   Integrating current chromatographic methods easily, generating analysis sequence automatically

l   Can analyze existing dissolution rate liquid chromatographic data

    Make full use of all functions of KEYSIGHT liquid chromatogram ChemStation software