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Ericsson, GeneralTest, and others attend 5G EPN Memorandum Signing

Time:2019-11-14 00:00:00
Guangzhou, November 14, 2019
    Ericsson, together with GeneralTest and other companies, participated in the Panda 5G Enterprise Private Network Memorandum signing and the Jiangsu Mobile Ericsson Nanjing Smart Factory 2.0 5G+ Industrial Open Laboratory launch ceremony.
    This signing not only announced that the country's first mobile 5G-based enterprise private network has officially been put into commercial use in Nanjing, but also marked the official opening of Jiangsu's first 5G+ industrial open laboratory.
    Jiangsu Mobile will continue to implement the "Million Talent Engineering Project" which will allow for 5G network coverage at 100 universities. In addition, they will also build 100 5G benchmarking demonstration sites, as well as promoting 5G+ dual Gigabit network technology in order to encourage the development of the 5G industry and the proliferation of its applications. Tens of thousands of 5G base stations are planned to be built in 2020, leading to 5G coverage over all the county level cities in Jiangsu.
    Ericsson plans to leverage 5G for further research and development in the fields of machine vision, remote operations, remote control, drone logistics applications, and production safety behavior analysis.